Oracle binaries available
2015.06.07 20:01 EDT

The oracle binaries are available to help with fixing. These will run on the provided VMs.

You can also download the break submissions with oracle outputs included.

Fix-it round started!
2015.06.05 21:24 EDT

The fix-it round has started! Here is the specification detailing how to make fixes. These are the breaks that you will be fixing. Good luck!

Break-it round started!
2015.05.24 11:26 EDT

The break-it round has started! Here is the break-it specification.

Specification update
2015.05.12 18:24 EDT

The contest specification has been updated to be consistent with the oracle.

Contest begins!
2015.05.07 20:40 EDT

The Spring 2015 Coursera Contest has begun! You can view the build-it problem specification online.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and scoring.


Build It Round

2015.05.07 20:00 EDT - 2015.05.22 20:00 EDT

Break It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2015.06.03 20:00 EDT

Fix It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2015.06.14 20:00 EDT