Congratulation winners!
2019.10.20 14:14 EDT

Congratulations to the winners of the Fall 2015 Build it Break it Fix it competition! Team woopwoop took first place as a builder. The second place builder and first place breaker was team b01lers. Team Archonauts won second place as a breaker.

For the Coursera bracket, team Team_Blue took first place as a builder. The second place builder team was DropTable. The first place breaker team was Flagbit. Team Erlang won second place as a breaker.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping make the contest happen! The silver sponsors are Leidos, Accenture, Trail of Bits, Maryland Cybersecurity Center, Synopsys, and Galois. The bronze sponsors are Lockheed Martin and the National Science Foundation.

Merging with Coursera
2015.10.16 16:45 EDT

This iteration of the contest is being merged with the Coursera version. Contestants, please use the Coursera version of the website from now on. You should be able to log in with your same credentials.

Fix for test core1
2015.10.11 17:08 EDT

The testing bundle has been updated with a fix for test core1.

Contest Preparation
2015.10.09 12:12 EDT

The build-it round of the contest starts this Thursday, October 1 at 8pm EST! Please prepare for the contest by:

  1. Download the contest virtual machine and (optionally) request package installs.

    All projects must compile and build on this VirtualBox-compatible Ubuntu Linux virtual machine. The username for the VM is "bibi", and the password is "password". You can download Virtual Box for free. You can also get a free VMware player and convert the VM to that, if you wish.

    Whichever route you take being able to use the VM, make sure you try it out ASAP, letting us know if you run into problems. If you find that our Ubuntu image does not have a software package installed that you would like, let us know by emailing us and we will update it. No package requests will be accepted after 8pm on Thursday, Oct 8.

    Once you have downloaded the base VM, you must update it with the contest packages. To do so, you can use a script we have placed on the VM. Log into the VM and do the following:

     $ sudo su -
     # /root/install/

    When prompted, enter the password for the bibi user (which is "password" unless you have changed it).

    Future updates to the VM will be distributed in the same way, preceded by an announcement.

  2. Create an account on the Build-it, Break-it, Fix-it site

    Note: We are running another contest concurrently with this one, so make sure you sign up at

  3. Find team members, and form a team.

    If you are looking for a team or teammates, email us and we will attempt to match you with other participants.

  4. Sign up for the contest

    Once you have formed your team, pick a team name, and then create the team via the above link. Once a team member creates the team, the others can affiliate with it via the BIBIFI site.

  5. Create and share a Git repository for your team.

    Git is a version control system. The BIBIFI site interfaces with it to access your most recent submission. There are several tutorials on Git, if you are unfamiliar with it; one is here.

    You must use either Github or Bitbucket, both of which offer free repositories. We recommend you use a private repository, visible to only your team. On Github, these are free for educational use, on request. On Bitbucket, you must set your repository to private explicitly.

    Once you have created your repository, share it (read-only) with user bibifi; we own this username on both Github and Bitbucket.

Testing bundle fix
2015.10.07 11:33 EDT

We have applied a small fix to the testing bundle.

We are also working on getting the automated submission infrastructure up and running.

Break specification preview
2015.10.06 03:21 EDT

To give you an idea of what break-it submissions will look like, you can find a preview of the break-it specification here.

Testing bundle updated
2015.10.04 19:19 EDT

The testing bundle has been updated to include a testing script that runs your implementation against the test suite. To use it, make sure that you have installed the latest VM updates, unzip the test bundle, and copy your bank and atm executables to the test directory. You can then run a test using Here is an example:

./ core/core1.json

Build-it round begins!
2015.10.03 17:32 EDT

Welcome to the beginning of the build-it round! The build it round ends on Monday, 12 October 2015 at 8pm, EDT. We're looking forward to an exciting contest!

The specification and tests for the problem may be located here. Testing materials are located here.

Some reminders:

  • Upload your resume to your profile page. It is required to participate.
  • Scoring is done through the git repository you provided via your account, if you have not registered an account there, you aren't participating! Don't forget to give us read permission (we are the user bibifi on github, bitbucket, and gitlab).
  • We'll make announcements primarily via the announcement page on but urgent announcements may also be sent by email.
  • Questions can be sent to at any time. Feel free to hang out at #builditbreakit on Freenode.
  • The window is still open to install new packages on the VM for one week -- i.e., until 8pm EDT on 8 October 2015.
  • You can use a web form to submit sample interactions with the oracle (our reference implementation). Go to and click on Oracle Submissions.
  • Bug reports against the oracle (where you think the oracle's behavior is not in line with that of the specification) can be emailed to If we agree with you, we will add points to your break-it score. The specification has instructions for the format of such emails.


Build It Round

2015.10.01 20:00 EDT - 2015.10.14 20:00 EDT

Break It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2015.10.26 20:00 EDT

Fix It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2015.11.08 20:00 EDT