Conclusion of the Build-it Break-it Fix-it competition
2015.04.28 14:10 EDT

This concludes the Build-it Break-it Fix-it competition. Please complete this final survey. We will make judgements this week and announce the final winners.

Thank you all for participating and we hope you enjoyed the competition!

Break-it round started!
2015.04.28 14:00 EDT

Download other teams code to audit by visiting "Builder's Code" from this URL.

Be sure and share your git repository with us, even if you have not submitted code for build-it! This git repository is how you will communicate the bugs you find to us for points. Please share the repository with the bibifi user on either bitbucket or github, and paste the SSH URL for the repository into the web site.

Have fun, and as always direct any questions to or ##builditbreakit on freenode IRC!

Problem Specification and Testing Infrastructure
2015.04.28 13:59 EDT

Testing infrastructure is available to help you test and debug your implementations. This was last updated at 4:15pm on 9/29/14.

Contest Starts!
2015.04.28 13:58 EDT

The Build it Break it contest has started! All of your submissions will be compiled and tested on this virtual machine (username is 'ubuntu' and password is 'password'). Let us know if you need additional languages or packages installed. We will try to accommodate as many as possible.

Here are a few reminders:

  1. Upload both your resume and consent form on your profile page. They are both required to participate.
  2. Make sure that you have shared your git repository with us and submitted its ssh url on this page. Otherwise, we will be unable to test your submissions. Our accounts for both Github and Bitbucket are 'bibifi'.
  3. If you want to get in contact with us, you can join the IRC channel ##builditbreakit on Freenode, email us, or tweet us at @ubuilditbreakit.

Good luck!

Official results
2014.09.30 13:40 EDT

90 teams (166 participants) registered for the competition. 28 teams (64 participants) participated in the build-it round, and 9 teams (25 participants) participated in the break-it round.

Build-it winners:

  1. Team meh - $4000
  2. Team Error309 - $2500

Break-it winners:

  1. Team SSRG_VT - $4000
  2. Team woopwoop - $2500

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope everyone enjoyed the contest! We'd also like to thank everyone who helped make this contest possible.

Break-it round ends at midnight
2014.09.16 23:31 EDT

The break-it round ends tonight at midnight EST! Make sure that you have all your submissions in by then and you can see them on the website.

If you participated in the break-it round, please complete this survey.

Finally, we'd like to encourage everyone who participated to make their resumes available to the Build-it, Break-it, Fix-it sponsoring companies. If you already opted in, great. If not, please let us know by e-mail whether you might change your mind.

Why should you do this?

First, we would hope that providing your resume would be viewed as a positive, since it gets your foot in the door at some great companies with a core mission in security and secure software.

Second, providing your resume supports the contest. It is because of companies providing sponsorship money that we have such large prizes. If we want to be able to do this contest again, we need sponsors to feel that their contributions have been worth it. Getting some leads on future hires is something they are interested in. Even if you aren't interested in every company, I would hope that providing your resume is a small cost to bear to support the contest overall.

Build-it round concluded and survey
2014.09.10 00:45 EDT

Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope you enjoyed it!

Please complete this survey if you haven't yet, even if you did not participate in the build it round.

We will semi-manually run tests to compute the final build-it round scores by 8pm Wednesday.

As a reminder, the break-it round starts this Thursday at 8pm EST. We hope to see you then!

Thanks again!

Contest extension information
2014.09.03 00:43 EDT

Thanks to those of you who answered the survey and gave us feedback! We have taken all of your responses into account and have decided to extend the contest as follows:

  • The build-it round has been extended again and will end Tuesday, 9/9/14 at 11:59pm.
  • The break-it round will now run from Thursday, 9/11/14 at 8:00pm to Tuesday, 9/16/14 at 11:59pm.
  • The fix-it round will start Friday, 9/19/14 at 8:00pm and conclude on Tuesday, 9/23/14 at 8:00pm.

We believe this extension is the best, and most fair, option.

Build-it round extended!
2014.09.01 17:35 EDT


We have extended the build-it round to continue at least until Wednesday at midnight.

Please fill out this survey concerning other options regarding the extension (affects both builders and breakers, and those who did not submit anything):


Only three teams managed to submit a working implementation by the deadline. We are still trying to understand why there was a big drop-off in participation.

Since three is not a sufficient number to make it a true contest, we aretrying to pivot, by extending the deadline, to get more participation.

But changing the rules in the middle of the game isn't great, so we want your feedback on the best way to proceed. Please fill out the survey linked above to help us make the best, and most fair, choice among the options.

We will continue the contest if we can get 8 working submissions. I think we already have 8 teams that are close. I hope you will all continue!

Git repositories
2014.08.29 00:13 EDT

Please make sure that you provide us the ssh url to your repository here. If you are using your own git repositories, please add our public key to the list of acceptable credentials and email us the domain name for your repository once you've done this.

Scoring question
2014.08.28 23:58 EDT

Question: Are we penalized for pushing not-ready-to-submit code to our git repo?

Answer: No, only the final score counts and you get as many scoring attempts as you want during the scoring period.

Specification Clarification
2014.08.28 22:42 EDT

Question: Does this detection of modifications to logappend need to happen strictly, as in the moment it happens, or can it be lazy, where a corrupt modification is only detected when it would affect the integrity of the query result?

Answer: It should happen strictly because the tests (and the spec) are expecting that "logappend" return an error condition and print "security error" to stderr. If "logappend" was lazy, it could let an alarm system believe that it had been storing data securely when in fact it was being discarded and that sounds very bad!

Rules and Teammates
2014.08.26 22:13 EDT

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the contest rules. In particular, do not obfuscate the source code in your build-it submissions and answer all survey questions.

Are you looking for teammates to join your team or looking for a team? Email us to let us know.

Contest Updates
2014.08.26 22:12 EDT

The build it round of the contest starts this Thursday at 8pm! Here are a few updates and reminders:

  1. Please be sure that you have uploaded your resume and consent form on your profile page. Both are required to participate and receive prizes.
  2. All submissions during the contest will be compiled in the provided virtual machine. We have provided as many languages and packages as we can think of, but we've probably missed something you may want. We suggest that you look at the virtual machine, figure out if you want something else installed, and send us your requests before the contest starts. The virtual machine's username is 'ubuntu' and password is 'password'.
  3. Submissions will be made over git. Your team should create a git repository and submit the link to it on this page. If you use a private repository, be sure to give us access to it. Our accounts for both Github and Bitbucket are 'bibifi'. Bitbucket allows you to create private repositories or you can request free private repositories from Github for students.

Let us know if you have any questions. Good luck!


Build It Round

2014.08.28 20:00 EDT - 2014.09.09 23:59 EDT

Break It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2014.09.16 23:59 EDT

Fix It Round

1999.12.31 20:00 EDT - 2014.09.23 20:00 EDT