Booz Allen Hamilton and Maryland Cybersecurity Center present Build it Break it Fix it, a new security-oriented programming contest.

If you are interested in the scientific results from this research project, check our TOPS paper and our USENIX paper.

There are currently no public contests planned at this time.

We are looking for partners to run BIBIFI in the classroom! We will share our infrastructure and provide support. Contact us at if you are interested.


The Build it Break it Fix it security contest aims to teach students to write more secure programs. The contest evaluates participants' abilities to develop secure and efficient programs. The contest is broken up into three rounds that take place over consecutive weekends. During the Build It round, builders write software that implements the system prescribed by the contest. In the Break It round, breakers find as many flaws as possible in the Build It implementations submitted by other teams. During the Fix It round, builders attempt to fix any problems in their Build It submissions that were identified by other breaker teams.

The code for the Build it Break it Fix it can be found in this Github repository.


Thanks to our sponsors for providing prizes for contestants! Prizes are awarded to teams with the top builder and breaker scores. The prize pool for the fall 2016 contest was $13,500. Prizes must be shared between team members. There are no prizes for the Coursera capstone participants.

Contest Details

Contest participants have two independent scores, a builder score and a breaker score. These scores are separate, so teams are welcome to compete towards both or either. Detailed scoring information can be found here. Student teams, worldwide, can participate. The contest takes place online so participants can compete anywhere with internet access. Funding for the contest infrastructure is provided by the National Science Foundation and the Google Research Awards. More details about the contest can be found here. Check out blog posts by Michael Hicks and Trail of Bits discussing the contest.

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The Build it Break it Fix it competition was co-conceived and co-developed by Andrew Ruef, James Parker, and Michael Hicks with contributions from Dave Levin, Michelle Mazurek, Atif Memon, and Jandelyn Plane.